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Polar bear club in Moscow

How to find:
Tamanskaya street 91, shore of Maloye Bezdonnoye lake, Serebryaniy bor.

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From Polezaevskaya metro station drive further with trolley bus 20, 21, 65 or 86 to last station. Then walk along bus direction by Tamanskaya street till crossroad with a sign "Way to the lake". Here you have to turn to the left. After walking down you will turn to the right and will have you way along Tamanskaya street again. You will reach house 91. Right here you have to turn to the left. Then you have to pass by through playground for kids. 50 meters away from it you will see little green house of winterbathers at the shore of lake Bezdonnoye.

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polar bear club in Moscow, Russia ice swimming for hardening of the body winterschwimmer ice hole pictures cold water swimming club
Polar bear club
Polar bears club "Silver forest" ivites you to join us for ice swimming in Moscow, Serebryaniy bor at Bezdonnoe lake. There you can make a refreshing jump to the icy water of our ice hole, make a snow bathing or just splash yourself with cold water. Our special equipment to clean the entrance into water and benches are available every day any time. Our staff one can meet every weekend from 12:00 to 14:00. Ice swimming is a lifestyle of every person of our club. You are welcome to join us!

Ice swimming is a russian method of strengthening health through inuring the body to cold. It is treating with very low temperatures and it is supposed to increase the immunity of one's body (efficacy of their immune system). It's something like hydropathy with gradually decreasing temperatures: dousing, "snow bathing" and ice swimming. We name it "Zakalyvanie" and I highly doubt that there is a word for "organism hardening/staining in icy water" in English. Most likely, russian word "Zakalyvanie" translates as "hardening the body". The concept of "hardening" includes everything from taking a plunge of winterbathers in icy water, to cold shower or simply sleeping with open window.

Polar bears club prsident
Sergey Maximov
Woman in ice hole of polar bear club Polar bear club in Moscow, Russia ice swimming club
Polar bear club
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